How to Take the Best Graduation Pictures

A few days ago I took graduation photos with a group of friends.  Sounds cute right?  Wrong.  Graduation pictures are a gladiator Continue Reading →


A few moments ago and once like three months ago, I was told my blog was missed around the nation. Continue Reading →

The Hills in Harrisonburg

Harrisonburg is great in a million ways, but the vertical masses of land I have to climb everyday is not one. Continue Reading →

The Many Diversions at JMU

I have realized that even I, Hannah Canetti, am not a God.  Writing for several different platforms ain’t easy.  So Continue Reading →

How to Treat Someone who’s Depressed

Good morning you good-for-nothing evildoer.  Are you constantly tired?  Do you feel hopeless?  Does your left eyeball keep turning inside Continue Reading →

How to be Single this Valentines Day

Happy happy Valentines day from none of us to you!  You are so damn lonely that nothing rhymes with you!!!! Continue Reading →

How to Write the Same Blog Twice

Are you sick of sleeping?  So am I!  That’s why I’ve started making it the lowest priority lately.  It allows Continue Reading →

How to Interpret Inspirational Quotes Critically

“Live life like a willow tree under water, swaying gently with the turbulence of hardship and drowning with the crushed Continue Reading →

How to Make People Feel Bad for You

Hello. If you have a violin and a violinologist handy, cue the music now. I came up with the idea Continue Reading →

How to Grocery Shop with your Boyfriend

Dedicated to Bdoledole and Charmander Hard-on You may be looking at this title wondering why you should come to Hannah Continue Reading →