Meryl vs. Donald. Yes I Know this is Old News

I know this is old news because the Golden Globes was 20 days ago and since then the structure of the U.S. government has been revamped, but I got a request to write about Meryl Streep’s speech and its backlash.  I thought that with all my wisdom I should come and settle the dispute once and for all.  I’d like to start with my first point of analysis: credibility.  Let’s compare.

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Meryl (left) is seen giving a speech at the 2017 Golden Globes.  Her left arm is out of shot and her cheekbones are high on her face and appear to be containing something.  Truths?  I think not.  Truth’s take up much less room.  Therefore, those are two cheeks that have to be filled with lies.  Lies about the president and what he stands for.  And let’s not forget that inconspicuous arm.  Or should I say, shoulder leg, since we’re talking about Streep, master of stretching the truth.  Why is it out of frame?  Some of you will say because of cropping or camera position.  But I’m not so naive.  She’s holding a freshly murdered bear cub while fist pumping about it with her right arm.  And that grey hair?  Hmm seems like quite a coincidence, that her hair is the same color as a newspaper which is part of the press, President Trump’s primary foe.  Now let’s asses DictaPresident Trump.  Trustworthy Trump, as I like to call him, has approximately two chins.  The spiritual significance of the number two is kindness, balance, tact, equalization, and duality.  If that doesn’t sound like him, I don’t know what does.  He is a man who hides nothing except for his plans and tax returns.  But if you look closely at the position of his lips as he speaks, you’ll notice that you can see everything inside his mouth such as his brain, spleen, and ex-wife.  Meryl doesn’t speak with normal lip placement for nothing.  She’s hiding something.

Now let’s talk about some of her senseless claims.  She talks a lot about how Hollywood is filled with foreign actors and if they were gone then all that would be left to watch is Martial Arts and Football.  But I’d like to ask her one thing.  When did Trump ever say that he didn’t want people from other countries in the U.S.?  People always assume that just because he wants to build a physical barrier between the U.S. and Mexico, he doesn’t want the two interacting.  That’s just people taking things out of context once again.  If I build a cement wall between you and I, does that mean I don’t want you near me?  No.  It just means I don’t want to see or hear you.  And just because he banned immigrants and refugees from entering the country doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about them.  It just means he cares so much about the the United States that he doesn’t want dangerous refugee children coming in and devouring all of our citizens.  So I don’t want to hear another peep out of Streep.

Last thing here is when Meryl claims that Donald Trump’s imitation of a disabled reporter was inappropriate.  She even had the audacity to say it wasn’t a good performance.  For one, I’d like to ask how it was inappropriate.  Seriously, give me a reason.  And I don’t want to hear some bullshit about how he’s the President of the United States and should set an example for this generation nationally and internationally.  If you were going to tell me how treating someone who has less ability to defend themselves like they don’t matter is “unethical” you can just go store that blabber in your second chin.  I don’t want to hear it.

So even though Donald has the right to step into the world of movie stars and say that Heidi Klum is no longer a 10, why should a movie star step into politics?  It’s completely uncalled.  There is no need for informed and eloquent speeches about how to treat people better.  She’s definitely a bitch and I think it’s clear who won this dispute.

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