3 Phases of Caffeination

Every morning when I wake up void of inspiration and purpose I make the active choice to fill that emptiness Continue Reading →

Imperialistic Flies…Wait No.

I took up a hike again the other day and continued my journey to inner fucking peace.  There’s nothing like Continue Reading →


Hello fellow nature-lovers.  It is I, Hannah Willow Tree of Vegan Bran Muffin Avenue.  Today I made a choice to Continue Reading →

I Have a Confession

                I have a confession to make that I encourage you not to Continue Reading →

4x a Failure

Hey there.  Have you ever failed your driving test?  How about twice?  How about three times?  Four?  Now you’re with Continue Reading →

The Unappreciative Shipworm

As seen in my last blog, I believe it’s very important to stay informed in all facets of life.  So Continue Reading →

How to Stay Informed

I know what you’re thinking, why am I learning how to stay informed from the most intelligent, sophisticated, and aromatic Continue Reading →


  Dear Past Hannah, I know you’re supposed to write to your future self but I don’t have any clue Continue Reading →

Meryl vs. Donald. Yes I Know this is Old News

I know this is old news because the Golden Globes was 20 days ago and since then the structure of the U.S. Continue Reading →

Moldy Tacos, NATO, and Trump

It’s blog post three since I’ve begun my journey to self awareness.  I found out three things, I know .0000000000000000000…000000000001% Continue Reading →